Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Patricia Gaar Collection - Cassette Tapes

Tape # Title Speaker Interest
1 Ireland Hotaling, Donna Ireland
2 A Survey of Sources for Loyalists During the American Revolution  Clark, June  Military/DAR
3 Resources a the NSDAR Library and Headquarters  Bell, M./ Grundset, E.  Military/DAR
4 Locating Revolutionary War Ancestors  Whit, III, A.  Military/DAR
5 Military Service and Related Records in the Nat. Archives  Walker, James D  Military/DAR
6 Published Gov't Documents: A Neglected Source  Root, E/ Smith, C.  Military/DAR
7 Use of Town Records Other Than Vital Records  Lainhart, Ann S  Records
8 Researching Natl. Archives without Going to Washington DC  Mills, Elizabeth Show  Records
9 How the Public Record Office Went Public Making the Domesday Exhibit  Cox, Jane  Records
10 Little Know Sources of Interest in the Nat'l Archives  Walker, J  Records
11 Federal Archives and Records Centers  Dondero, Robyn  Records
12 Surrogate's Records for Family Research  Moyer, Robert V  Records
13 Securing and Using Naturalization Records  Johnson, James R  Records
14 The Public Records A Mine of Information Padfield, Timothy  Records
15 Chancery Court Records : Original "13"  Barnes, Donald R  Records
16 Making County Land Records Work for You Muller, Gladys  Records
17 New England Historic Gen Society & It's Collections  Anderson, Jerome Libraries 
18 An Underutilized Source for Finding Elusive Records Bell, Mary  Records
19 How to Build a Case when There's No Evidence to Solve Your Problem  Mills, Elizabeth Show  Records
20 Censuses & Census Taking 1801 - 1901  Higgs, Edward  Records
21 Researching Jewish Families  Stern, Rabbi Malcolm H  Jewish
22 Later Came the Germans and Stayed Koss, David H  Jewish
23 Using Law Libraries and Court Records  Allen, Cameron Libraries 
24 The Newberry Library Thackery, David  Libraries 
25 The Old Northwest Migrations, Patterns of Settlement, & Sources  Heiss, Willard Old Northwest
26 Land Records in the Old Northwest  Smith, Clifford Neil  Old Northwest
27 Quaker Records and Their Use Heiss, Willard Quakers
28 Locating Quaker Records in the U S  Heiss, Willard Quakers
29 Records of the Quakers  Moger, Elizabeth Haas Quakers
30 The Quakers  Carroll, Dr Kenneth Quakers
31 Ways to Locate A Colonial Wife's Name Elliott, Wendy L  Colonial
32 Records Pertaining to Colonial Period (Lib. Of Soc. Gen. (London)  Camp, Anthony J  Colonial
33 The Middle Colonies: NY, PA, NJ, DE & MD  Thompson, Neil D  Colonial
34 Property Titles in the Colonial South Heirship & Ownership  Dorman, John Frederick  Colonial
35 Protestant Church Records Some Unexpected Clues  Koss, Dr David  Church Records
36 APG: Religious Archives & Periodicals  Smucker, David J  Church Records
37 Movements of Religious Denominations to the Old Northwest  Coddington, John I  Church Records
38 Orphan Train Milner, Anita  Orphan Train
39 Frontier Families Amour, Louis  Frontier Family
40 Frontier Families in the Indian Territory  Ashton, Sharron Frontier Family
41 English Research - Civil Records-Parish Records Church of England A Bloxham, V. Ben  British 
42 English Research - Civil Records-Parish Records Church of England B Bloxham, V. Ben  British 
43 Basic British Research by Correspondence  Swinfield, Dr Geoffery  British 
44 Passengers to America  Walker, James Dent  Immigration 
45 British Probate Records Moore, Richard  British 
46 The English Poor Law & Other Parish Records  Moore, Marjorie R  British 
47 England: Sources for Genealogy & Family History  Price, Richard W  British 
48 An Overview or Research in Britain  Simpson, Elizabeth & Panel British 
49 Tracing American Colonial Ancestry in Britain Colwell, Stella & Panel British 
50 The Great Migration: Englishmen to New England Under Charles I  Robert Anderson  British 
51 Maine French-Canadian Immigrants Whey the Came & Where they Settled Willard, James H French
52 Origins of the First Settlers of New France & New England Compared  Anderson, Jerome French
53 French Parish & Civil Records-Genealogical Goldmines  Nelson, Glade Ian French
54 Resources in the Public Archives in Canada  Fellows, Robert F  Canadian
55 St John Valley-Franco -American and Acadian Research  Saucier, Roxanne Moore  French
56 First Came the French Krasean, Liliane French
57 Finding Records of French-Canadian Families  Lesieur, Denis  French
58 Gen. Research in Archives in France  Larrieu, R  French
59 Backtracking German Emigrants - German Records of Value  Smith, Kenneth  German
60 Tracing the Germans Back to Pennsylvania and/or the Palatines  Smith, Clifford Neil  German
61 Health Care Records  Berlin, Dr Ira  Records
62 Searching in Illinois  Turnbaugh, Roy  Illinois
63 The Indian Agent Scribe for the Frontier Family  Carter-Ford Indian
64 Michigan Genealogy Wiskemann, Geneva Michigan
65 Research in Virginia  Yantis, N  Virginia
66 Celebrating our English Heritage The 400th Anniv/ Roanoke Voyages Nelville, Dr John D  English/VA
67 On to Wisconsin Hansen, James L  Wisconsin
68 Finding Your Way Through Ohio  Levstik, Frank R  Ohio
69 Indiana Records, What? When? Where?  Newman, John J  Indiana
70 The Georgia Archives & Georgia Research  Boling, Sandra Georgia 
71  Finding the Founders of Early California  Northrop, M  California 
72 Migration Patterns: Kansas, Neb, MO King, Helen, Gilbert, Larry KS, NE, MO 
73 New York Research Materials Located Outside of the State  Anderson, Robert C  New York
74 Genealogical Riches of Libraries in New York State  Beard,Christoph,Blumberg New York
75 Genealogical Resources in NY State Archives Folts, Writzman, Evans New York
76 New York State Vital Records and Their Substitutes  Myers, Hall, Austin Jr New York
77 Migrations into and out of New York State Scott, Eisenberg, Thompson New York
78 What is New At Elllis Island Immigration & Naturalization Records  Fitzpatrick, Euguene Ellis Island/NY
79 The Moravian Archives Haupert, Dr Thomas J  Moravian
80 Meroviangian Genalogy to Charlemagne and Beyond  Kelley, David  Moravian
81 Quebec Sources For Genealogists Reisinger, Joy A Canadian
82 Mississippi River System & Your Family Tree Eakle, Arlene  ?
83 Problem Solving in Canadian Genealogy  Reisinger, Joy A  Canadian
84 The Library's Genealogy & Local History Vertical File Clark, A. Libraries 
85 They Saw The Elephant Records of the 49'ers  Lyon, Mary Lou ?
86 Vaughn Gaar's Service

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 - January Meeting

Our first meeting of the year will be January 19.  The meetings are held in our library room located in the Camanche Historical Society building.  The building opens at 6pm and meetings begin at 7pm.  Membership Dues are $10 per individual membership and $12 for a family and are due at this time. 

Discussion will be held for the April bus trip destination - be prepared to vote for Madison, WI or Springfield, IL.  Please look at both libraries and look at their catalogs.  Try looking at with the list of books you are looking for and see which library may have the ones are your "To Do List"  

See you at the meeting -

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mark your calendars - November 17 - Pot Luck

Wednesday Novermber 17, 2010
Pot Luck Meeting - 6pm
Camanche Historical Society Building Camanche, IA 52730
Time to renew your memberships - $10 single or $12 family
Election of officers was held in October
Congratulations to
Deb Broadrick - President
Fran Buelow - Vice President
Kim Rixen - Treasurer
Marge Surprenant - Secretary